History of Dental Implants Clifton Park, NY

The advancement of Mini Dental Implants first came about when Dr. Victor I. Sendax, began looking to develop a way to secure dental prosthetics, thus developing traditional dental implants. As dental implant technology progressed, Dr. Ron Bulard then developed mini dental implants (MDIs) as a way to stabilize removable prosthetics, and allow a wider variety of patients the ability to perfect their smile.

Though developed much earlier on, mini dental implants were not approved by the FDA until 1999, after which they quickly became a popular alternative to more traditional dental implants. Today this form of implant treatment is popular all over the world and Clifton Park is no exception. There are many dental practitioners who offer patients the Mini Dental Implant treatment in Clifton Park, NY, but David Morrison, DDS is your number one choice.

Mini Dental Implants give patients the smile they've always wanted with a safer, more effective treatment when compared to traditional implants. Until a few years ago, dental implants were used for fixed applications with great success. However today, both fixed and removable applications can be secured with dental implants.

During the treatment, the implant is fused with the jaw bone, giving the prosthetic the look and feel of natural teeth. Unlike traditional dental implant procedures, mini dental implants require no incisions, which means a less invasive treatment. No incision means no downtime, patients can often complete the treatment in one single visit and can immediately return to their normal daily activities.

With MDIs, removable dentures can be easily converted to full bridgework. The cost is affordable when compared to more traditional treatments, and the benefits that the procedure provides to patients are immeasurable.

At Morrison Dental Care we are specialists in the field of Mini Dental Implants and can skillfully handle a wide assortment of dental implants. If you think mini dental implants are the right treatment for you, learn more by contacting us to set up a consultation today.